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Black Tea

Black Tea

Indian black tea of India is unique and flavorful and will tantalize your taste buds.

With its full bodied flavor, rich texture, and deep, earthy tones, this classic tea is a must have for any tea lover. Harvested from India's lush, fragrant tea farms during the flush season, these black tea leaves are renowned for their unique flavor. Assam black teas have bold; malty notes are balanced with subtle hints of ripe fruit and honey, creating a smooth and comforting cup. Mouthfeel, aromas, and flavors of Indian black teas depend on the tea's origins- the region it is grown in, the terroir, the cultivar, the season, and the craft of the tea maker. Not only is the Indian black tea an excellent choice for your morning cup of joe, but its exquisite flavor makes it a great accent to desserts. Whether you're looking for a rich, robust cup of tea or a fragrant treat to top off a meal, black tea is a perfect choice.

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