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Green Tea

Introducing the perfect cup of premium loose-leaf green tea from the mystic lands of India. Our loose-leaf green tea is grown in the high mountains of Darjeeling in the northeast and Nilgiris in the south of India. Our premium green teas are slightly sweet with a rich umami taste from the high altitude. Beautiful with lovely floral, vegetal, and buttery notes, our loose-leaf green tea are lovely to experience. Loose-leaf green tea has many health benefits, with its catechin antioxidants helping boost energy and reduce inflammation. A cup of whole-leaf green tea every morning is also a great way to kick-start your day, as its natural caffeine content provides gentle, sustained energy. Try our premium loose-leaf green tea today and let them delight your senses.

Kashmiri Kahwa


Floral Fusion Green Chai


Turmeric Green Tea


Nilgiri Green Twirl


Darjeeling Emerald Green Tea


Lavish Blue Tea


New to Loose Leaf Tea Combo


Wellness Teas Gift Set


New to Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set