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Best Seller Teas

If you're a tea lover, you'll want to try our popular tea flavors and blends that are perfect for any time of day. Shop our premium single origin loose leaf directly sourced teas like Darjeeling. Assam and Nilgiri teas. If you are a chai lover, enjoy our traditional and unique chai blends that are definitely loved by all. Or, if you want a cup of Ayurveda wellness, give our herbal blends and lattes a shot. H&K's popular teas include our bestseller chais, herbal lattes, Darjeeling tea which provides a marvelous complex flavor, our malty Assams, and definitely, let's not forget to mention our popular tea blends, including our jasmine black tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, and lavish blue tea. Our blue tea adds a pop of color to your cup! Savor every sip of these popular tea blends.

Rose Cardamom Chai


Cleansing Golden Turmeric Latte


Jasmine Black Tea


Darjeeling Golden Summer Muscatel


Assam Golden Needle


Manipur Pu-erh Style Sheng Tea


Nilgiri Green Twirl


Naga Khalap Tea (Smoked Aged Bamboo Wild Tea 2016)


Meghalaya Limited Edition Silver Needle


Vanilla Lavender Chai


Calming Golden Turmeric Latte


Masala Chai


Lavish Blue Tea


Blue Chai


Darjeeling Rare Frosted Oolong


Chai Set Combo


Geranium White Tea