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Herbs & Kettles is an Atlanta based small business founded by Abe and Poorvi who are physicians and a tea sommelier. Our family frequently travels to India to personally visit tea farmers in the search of the very best single origin, single batch teas for the enjoyment of the next level tea lovers. In an era of self care, holistic care and general appreciation of mindfulness we would like to give you an authentic, Indian premium tea experience. Let's come together to enjoy the moment, a cup of tea and the culture of tea!
About Herbs & Kettles

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Experience a fresh cup of tea

Through travel and direct collaboration with tea growers in different regions of India, we personally select single batch, single origin teas for your enjoyment. Our herbal and artisanal blends are crafted keeping in mind wellness, aromas and flavors. For us, tea is more than just a commodity, it is our passion.

Let's come together and experience a fresh cup of tea and brew ideas that will make a difference in the world that we live in.

Authenticity : The courage to be ourselves

Our Philosophy

Direct Sourcing:

We work directly with each tea garden in India and eliminate the need for a middle-man. This allows us to develop strong relationships with the farmers, gain access to the very best batches, and ensure you receive the best experience in every sip. For us, tea is more than just a commodity. We are committed to paying our partners above fair trade prices and believe this is an investment in the future of specialty Indian tea. This investment will ensure higher pay, equality and better opportunities for tea pluckers and their families with continued commitment towards high quality tea production.



We are International Tea Masters Association (ITMA) certified tea sommeliers with a wealth of knowledge and passion about various teas and their unique characteristics. Each tea in our collection is personally selected by us as we are committed to providing you with the best lots of the season. We will ensure that you are provided with details on the region where the tea originates, elevation, season of harvest, cultivar, and processing methods.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility:

We source only from gardens which take care of the local and cultural ecosystem, where a code of ethics is in place to ensure the well-being of all the parties involved. We are also committed to giving back! 1% of our revenue will go towards the conservation of wildlife and their natural habitat in India.

Cultural Sustainability

Cultural Sustainability:

The need to spread our roots is contagious, and we want to make a difference in the regions from which we source our teas. Every region has its own unique terroir, culture, wildlife and stories that we wish to share with you. Cultural sustainability is the very fabric of our company. The stories of India through our teas will give you a sense of India’s rich cultural heritage.

An Incredible journey of delicious sensory exploration

Our Promise

We promise to take you on an incredible journey of delicious sensory exploration. We directly source our teas from small to medium sized tea growers in India to promote cultural and economic sustainability. This in turn helps us select the most premium quality batches for your enjoyment. With each cup of tea, you will be steeped in deep, complex aromas and flavors, with a promise to take you back to the very beginning.

The wildlife of the region

Why Chaiwala?

Here, the chaiwala represents the wildlife of the region we directly source our teas from. We will share the concoctions through the chaiwala’s voice because he and the tea are unique to the region. This will transport you to the cultural heritage we want to bring forth to you. Our chaiwalas have always been very important for us, because they are an integral part of our culture. The wildlife of the region are represented as chaiwalas - and they will bring to you stories of the tea gardens, the farmers, and the benefits of the teas. Our chaiwalas will also give you tips on how to prepare the most delicious cup of chai and steep the most flavorful cup of tea.

Herbs & Kettles Chaiwala Animals

Giving Back

H&K Fund
Herbs & Kettles - Panda conservation initiative

Herbs & Kettles X Prameya Foundation Red Panda Conservation Initiative

Giving back to the origins and endangered wildlife in India. Initiative to educate people, surveillance, prevent poaching and habitat restoration of Red Pandas in Singalila National Park in Darjeeling, West Bengal.

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