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Herbs & Kettles is an Atlanta based small business founded by Abe and Poorvi who are tea sommeliers.

We travel to different regions of India, to directly source the best single origin, single batch teas from small sustainable farms. We would like to give you an authentic experience of Indian tea culture.

Let's come together to enjoy the moment and a cup of tea!

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Cocoa Chai


Darjeeling Rare Frosted Oolong


Floral Fusion Green Chai


Jasmine Black Tea


Spiced Adaptogen Latte


Assam GABA Tea


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As per the ancient health science Ayurveda, the body is made of 5 elements - space (ether), air, fire, water, earth which make the 3 Doshas (Mind and Body Types) - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Knowing our dosha will enhance balance and promote wellness. Find out which dosha you are dominant?

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Relax (Vata)


Refresh (Pitta)


Recharge (Kapha)


Cleansing Golden Latte


Calming Golden Latte


Wild Cinnamon Herbal Latte

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