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Chai Set Combo

A trio of our exceptional Masala Chai, Rose Cardamom Chai and Vanilla Lavender Chai to satisfy any chai fantasy.

A Physician's Love for Wellness & Premium Indian Teas

Abe and Poorvi, practicing physicians in Atlanta, founded Herbs & Kettles, fueled by their love for wellness and a deep appreciation for exceptional tea. Poorvi, a certified ITMA tea sommelier, ensures that each tea is personally selected for its wellness benefits, aroma, and flavor.

We travel to different regions of India to collaborate with small sustainable farmers, directly sourcing single-origin, single-batch teas for your enjoyment. Each tea is exquisite, and a testament to our dedication to quality and wellness.

Are you ready to embark on this flavorful adventure? Join Herbs & Kettles and discover your delicious cup of tea for a happy, healthy you!

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At Herbs & Kettles, we're committed to preserving the tea growing regions' unique terroir, biodiversity, and culture. We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest premium teas from the various regions in India and carefully selecting each tea for its distinct character and flavor. We give back to India's Red Panda Conservation Project in collaboration with Prameya Foundation. Join us on a journey to discover the rich heritage of Indian tea, one sip at a time.