Herbs & Kettles was founded by Poorvi and Abe. We believe in natural, holistic and sustainable living. Our story begins in Atlanta, Georgia where we live with our two girls. You will often find us in our urban garden oasis, enjoying moments of togetherness, laughter and of course tea!
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A flavor wheel is a useful tool if you are new to tea and really want to understand and experience more about its natural aroma and flavor notes. We also feel it is a good way of comparing and contrasting different teas.

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As per the ancient health science Ayurveda, the body is made of 5 elements - space (ether), air, fire, water, earth which make the 3 Doshas (Mind and Body Types) - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Knowing our dosha will enhance balance and promote wellness. Find out which dosha you are dominant?

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Assam Golden Needle

Memorable artisanal black tea from Assam composed of abundant buds. This tea is extremely viscous, has a lasting aftertaste and a fabulous mouthfeel. Exquisite and complex notes of malt, honey and biscuit reveal undertones of oak bark followed by a whisper of stone fruit.

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