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Herbs & Kettles is an independently owned Atlanta based small business founded by Abe and Poorvi, tea sommeliers who focus on health and wellness. We have roots in India and a vision to bring the most premium teas to the world.

We travel to small sustainable farms in different regions of India to directly source the best single origin, single batch teas we love and trust. Our loose leaf teas, chais, artisanal tea blends, herbal blends and lattes give you an authentic experience of the vibrant culture and wellness that is signature to India.

Let's come together to enjoy the moment and a delicious cup of tea!

About Us

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At Herbs & Kettles, we're committed to preserving the tea growing regions' unique terroir, biodiversity, and culture. We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest premium teas from the various regions in India and carefully selecting each tea for its distinct character and flavor. We give back to India's Red Panda Conservation Project in collaboration with Prameya Foundation. Join us on a journey to discover the rich heritage of Indian tea, one sip at a time.

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We have a whole selection of high quality Indian teas that represent the rich culture and wellness that India has to offer. We work directly with small farmers across India to personally select the best batches of loose leaf teas keeping in mind flavor, terroir and region. We have traditional chai blends as well as unique ones, not to mention artisanal tea blends, herbal blends and lattes that have become a part of the daily routine for most of our customers.

Our most premium Indian teas are our Darjeeling Emerald Green and Nilgiri Green Twirl. Both are teas grown at a high altitude by tea makers who are well known for their craft. Their floral and green leafy flavor notes and umami taste cool you down in the summer, and are comforting in the winter. Have them iced or hot, they’re delicious both ways.

We offer a flat economy shipping rate of $6.99 for each order, with free shipping for purchases over $80.

Give our teas a try and let us know what you think. For us tea is not a commodity, it’s a passion. We travel to India frequently to personally select the best batches from carefully curated small farmers that we work with. Unlike traditional Indian grading, our single origin regional loose leaf teas are mostly whole leaf teas and excellent for gongfu steeping. There’s no artificial flavoring here; we use only natural ingredients like vanilla bean, cacao and saffron in our blends to enhance health benefits and ensure the best flavors. Our teas are painstakingly created by us just for you.

When you are purchasing loose leaf Indian teas, do ensure they are single origin and directly sourced from tea farms. Commodity tea is often of multiple batches from different sources that are mixed together and then packaged. Commodity tea is often graded and broken, with an unpleasant astringency, taste and flavor. Our single origin loose leaf teas are fresh, whole leaf and sourced from trusted small tea farmers, often packaged at their origin to preserve their freshness and beautiful aroma and flavor notes. We have tried and tested all our teas to ensure we absolutely love them before offering them to you. When you buy a Herbs & Kettles single origin, regional loose leaf tea, you get our personal seal of approval that the tea matches our (very) high standards, and you get full transparency about where it came from and how it was made.

Yes we do. Send us an email at to chat further.

We ship out your order within 5-7 working days, and after that the time taken depends on your choice of shipping speed. Usually, economy shipping takes 5-7 days once the order is fulfilled.