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Champagne of Teas-Darjeeling Tea

"For all you tea connoisseurs out there, your tea experience is incomplete until you've tasted the ""Champagne of Teas"" - Darjeeling Tea. Darjeeling tea is often referred to as the ""Champagne of teas,"" and for good reason. This tea is prized for its delicate flavor and distinct aroma, which can be attributed to the altitude, unique climate, and soil conditions in which it is grown. Darjeeling tea aka Champagne tea, is grown in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India, and is known for its complex floral and fruity notes, with a hint of musk and astringency. If you're a tea lover, our premium loose leaf Darjeeling teas from the best small tea farmers in the area are a must try. The experience is unparalleled, and you'll quickly understand why it's considered the Champagne of teas. So steep yourself a cup of Darjeeling Champagne tea and savor the flavor."

Darjeeling Rare Frosted Oolong


Darjeeling Golden Summer Muscatel


Darjeeling Yanki Red Oolong