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Kashmiri Kahwa
Shannon Everly

I’m very pleased with all the green teas I purchased. The Kashmiri definitely has a warming flavor. I taste some orange and cinnamon. But just the right amount- not too much cinnamon!

Lavish Blue Tea
Rachael Dominguez-Brickman
New favorite

I saw this gorgeous tea on IG and was curious about the taste based on the color.
I was not disappointed. This is by far, the most delicious tea I have tried.
We all love it in our family and need to order more!

Delicious, smoky, unique

I was interested in Naga Khalap tea because it seemed unique in so many ways, so I had to see what it was like. Brewed gongfu style, with several steeps (maybe 6?), and each cup was delicious. The strong smokiness is the dominant flavor (my wife, trying a sip, said it was like drinking a campfire – which is kind of accurate, but not in a bad way!), but it’s quite distinct from other smoked teas I’ve had, like lapsong souchong. The amount per order is relatively small, especially if you brew gongfu style as recommended, but I like it enough that I’m pretty sure I’ll be ordering more once I run out.

Absolutely Lovely!

I added some vanilla sugar and it just took it over the top! Delicious!

Meghalaya Autumnal Twist
Stephanie Zwikelmaier


Rose Cardamom Chai
Tina Mattera

I love the rose cardamom chai and have purchased it numerous time. It’s one of my favorite teas. Herbs and Kettles gives a great quality product. Give them a try- you won’t be disappointed!

Rose Cardamom Chai
Toni Biskup
My favorite tea

The rose cardamom tea is my favorite tea. I love these teas and the customer service is excellent. Thank you!

Chai Set Combo
Nisha Kapil
Awesome products!

The staff was great about my order and everything arrived right on time!

I gave this tea as a gift, and the recipients said that it’s delicious and that they love it.


Treat yourself to a cup of delicious Tea….

Masala Chai
Mary John

The very best chai I have had

Saffron Chai
Atlanta tea drinker
Perfect cup of chai with a subtle twist

Having grown up in a household with parents of British and Indian background, tea time was a regular ritual and I consider myself to be a picky tea drinker. The saffron chai brews the perfect strength chai with the subtle flavors of saffron. Delicious! I have ordered extras as gifts and will be back for more.

Cocoa Chai
Jacy Watson
Even non-tea drinkers will love this chocolate chai!

I wasn't a tea drinker at all until I was introduced to this chocolate chai from Herbs & Kettles. Now it's become a fall/winter must-have and the perfect pick-me-up after a long day of work. Definitely my favorite tea ever!

Love it

Love the flavor and aroma of my tea.. Highly recommended

Vanilla Lavender Chai

Kashmiri Kahwa
Liz Azevedo
Delicious & Nourishing!

OMGOMGOMG amazing!! So rich & sweet, I added a little orange blossom honey & evaporated coconut milk to the mug and 😍😍😍 re-steeped like 5 times and it was just as fragrant and delicious as the first! It got me through a whole day of back-to-back meetings, so soothing & nourishing!

Sodafired Tea Cup
Liz Azevedo
Beautiful & Fragrant

This is the perfect size cup for an 8oz serving of tea, beautiful golden tones, feels good to hold, and I swear there’s a little waft of turmeric every time I use it, so it’s become a favorite to serve up chai lattes in!

Wild Cinnamon Herbal Latte

Relax (Vata)
Suzanne Taluy

Relax (Vata)

Pouring The Love - Self Love
Really Fun!

I met two friends for their tea and tasting…the cocktails were so yummy, especially the chai and the chef paired the flavors perfectly! I’ll be doing this again!

Darjeeling Emerald Green Tea
Sakura mama
Good teas

I have read a newspaper article about the company in Atlanta. Christmas was coming and my nephew likes teas, so I ordered online. I can support local stores/companies this way, too. It arrived as promised and the customer service was pretty good. I got a sample tea bag myself, and I liked it. One thing I wish is the price. If it were cheaper, I could order more often.

Chai Set Combo
Pavan Iyer

Chai Set Combo

Great Indian Chai

My son got me hooked on this chai. Not loaded with sugar like boxed chai.


I tried this latte and also the calming golden latte. Both were surprisingly delicious! I'm not usually a tea drinker, so this was definitely outside my comfort zone. I had been looking for something to drink in the evening instead of a glass of wine and stumbled upon Herbs & Kettles. I ended up steaming almond milk and adding some honey. Both flavors are great and I'll definitely plan to buy them again.

Silverplated Handcrafted Strainer
Annmarie Anemone
Great tea

The owner was wonderful about answering my questions about specific teas. The tea itself was wonderful. I will be purchasing more.