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Rose Cardamom Chai
Kaycee Fiaseu

Rose Cardamom Chai


Exquisite selection of teas, their offerings promise a delightful journey for tea enthusiasts seeking quality and taste.For tea lovers seeking an exceptional experience, this is a must-try.


Delicious, spicy chai. It isn't very strong on the lavender, at least in my sample (I would've liked a bit more of that tbh). I brewed it according to the directions and it was a perfect way to start the cold, drizzly morning.

Wonderful cleansing latte

I loved this turmeric latte. It is easy to make with oat milk and a little honey . I love this daily ! I still need to try my other purchases but this one was amazing .

Blue Chai
Danielle Odom

Blue Chai

Refresh (Pitta)

My favorite teas!

I love Rose cardamom chai and vanilla lavender chai. Masa is also one of my favorites. These teas are incredible. The service also is amazing. And they’re delivered fast. I live in Alaska, so I appreciate quick deliveries.


I love the tea, and the presentation is beautiful! Part of the order was a gift, and the recipient was so happy! I will definitely order again!!!

Rose Tea

This cup of tea impressed my South Asian mom (I also really liked it) and we found ourselves having tea the entire week. I do wish the rose flavor was a bit stronger but otherwise a pretty perfect cup of tea.

Lavender Tea

Sooo good, the presence of the Lavender is definitely there without being overwhelming. I tend to do 1/2 cup water and 1/2 milk with some vanilla syrup and it’s perfect!


Brewed a smooth and malty cup and held up nicely over two infusions! Definitely adding to my regular rotation for afternoon boosts.

Excellent customer service and product, as always!

This is the first time I experienced a product being damaged during shipping. They made it right within 24 hours and shipped me new teas to replace the damaged ones. I'm gifting these so I was very grateful for their swift attention. I'm a forever customer!

Best tea ever

By far the best tea I've ever had. So much thought and care has gone into the blend, as well as explaining the story behind each tea. I also appreciate the detailed brew instructions to make the best tea possible!

Great tea


Rose and cardamom strong, tea is weak

I loved the flavor but it's really a weak tea for a robust chai. It is good for a tea.(without milk /cream)

Delicious teas! Highly recommend!!

Yes it is calming

And delicious.

Great wake-up tea

I have to admit, I had never tried a chai with black pepper before this, and so I was a bit nervous it would overpower the blend.

Boy am I glad to be wrong!

It has a perfect amount of spice and is enjoyable by itself or with milk. I drink this Masala Chai every day, and I might be hooked.

Perfection in a cup

The Rose Cardamom Chai is lovely - light, smooth, and a pleasant addition to any day.


First time trying this companies product. The flavor was amazing and the aroma as soon as you open the container. Great first product will be back for sure!

Lavish Blue Tea
Darby in Arizona
Chase Your Blues Away

The Lavish Blue Tea is a gem amongst teas. With its light touch of mint, this is a blend that is suitable for morning, noon, or night, and though it does have a touch of caffeine, I absolutely adore this tea in the evening. It's comforting, relaxing, and soothing, and I highly recommend it!

The smell of the tea is just divine. This tea has become one of my favorite chais.

Cocoa Chai
Margaret Curtis
The best chai around

My favorite chai and golden latte!! And the chocolate chai will convert skeptics.

Blue Chai

I like all these teas and glad I made the purchase!

Love all this tea! So glad I made the purchase!