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Happily surprised! If you've struggled with tumeric teas being too bitter, try this one!

I have not loved most of the turmeric teas or lattes I have tried. There's just an underlying bitterness to most tumeric that I have struggled with. But I have health reasons for wanting to keep trying tumeric teas, so I sort of slogged my way through a bunch of different ones, not liking any of them. I got this one expecting the same, but was happily surprised by my first sip of this. It tastes like turmeric, but it doesn't have the overwhelming bitterness I've tasted in all the others. Not sure what magic they worked, but this is a delightful, cozy latte for evenings or a cold day. I do sweeten it with honey, but because I like the way honey enhances it, not to try to drown out any bitterness. Highly recommend this one!

Best Chai

This is the best chai available in the market. I started falling in love with chai when my Indian friend made me chai tea from scratch. Since then I have been making them on my own. However, having pre-blended chai is very convenient, especially when you are on the go. By far, this chai is the closest to authentic Indian chai I have tried.

Sweet herbal goodness

I usually go for heavily smoked teas, but this one caught me by surprise. I ordered a sample on a whim, and I’m sure glad I did. It has a vegetal, slightly fruity taste to my palate. It’s energizing without the caffeine quantity of coffee or soda. As others have mentioned, it also looks beautiful. It’s the taste, however, that has me here to put some more in my cart.

Masala Chai
Shawna HarriS
Best masala chai I’ve bought

The local tea store where I first bought masala chai had to close. I’ve been looking for one as good as what I used to get. This is as good if not better. I love the flavor!

PDX Tea Fest

My fiancé and I had the pleasure of trying several amazing teas from Herbs and Kettles at PDX Tea Fest. My breath was taken away. Particularly, this one and the Summer Bounty Darjeeling Black. Both have such strong flavors but somehow manage to go down so smooth. This one certainly is great for midafternoon pick me ups. The Summer Bounty had that wonderfully full feeling of the best Darjeeling Black teas but goes down so smoothly. Immediately a new go to for morning wake ups. I am completely on the Herbs and Kettles train now. Will be refilling stock once I’ve enjoyed my Tea Fest bounty to completion.

Chai Set Combo
Deepa Pai

The chai combo is perfectly packaged- keeping the flavors intact for months. The chai is perfect!-one of the best chai I have drank.

Loved this!!

Excellent quality! Originally found this tea through Grant Park farmer’s market

Assam Golden Needle
Saida Sharapova
Assam Golden Needle and other Herbs and Kettles teas

It was the first time I tried golden needle tea. I had silver needle before and always loved it. The golden needle tea is now also on my favorites list for its refreshing taste and energizing without causing caffeine crush. I have ordered from Herbs & Kettles two times already and I am very pleased with the service and the quality of the teas. Will be ordering more in the future! My wish is that there would be an option to order tea in just a bag, so I can reuse my tea tins that I already have. Otherwise I have to discard empty tins and this is such a waste.

Kashmiri Kahwa
Susan Kopka

Kashmiri Kahwa

Rose Cardamom Chai
Susan Kopka

Rose Cardamom Chai

Blue Chai
Peggy Benkeser

Blue Chai

Best Golden Turmeric Latte I've Ever Had!

turmeric lattes can be overkill on the turmeric flavor but this one is perfectly balanced, highly recommend

Great Quality Tea!

It smells amazing and tastes heavenly!

Blue Chai
Holly Roth
Delicious and beautiful

This is everyone's new favorite tea at the office. Everyone loves the bright color and fresh spices.

Emerald green

We enjoyed the tea. I feel the teas are a bit expensive. We drink quite a bit of loose leaf green teas.

Yummy teas

Loved the teas that I ordered. The rose cardamon chai is my favorite, but I liked all of them. I also liked how straight forward they are to make. Will definitely be a returning customer!

Lovely and relaxing

This is a smooth, delicious tea. I love drinking it in the evening as part of my wind down before bed.
Lovely flavors.

Lavish Blue Tea
JD Miller

This is the most delicious tea. I LOVE IT. I drink a cup almost every evening. It is also a beautiful tea. The flowers in the blend are not only lovely in the tin, but make the tea such a pretty blue color in the cup. It's a delightful drinking experience.

Very good green tea.

The leaves themselves have a lovely dark color for a variety that is similar to Japanese Sun Rouge in appearance, yet yield whole, unbroken leaves when brewed.

The only disadvantage is that the flavor seems a bit mild, and would benefit from vacuum packing of the tea itself. It is still a very good variety and I love and treasure this Darjeeling tea and like this company. I will purchase tea from them again.

Assam Golden Needle
Samuel Schlitzkus
Great tea!

These guys always knock it out of the park

Great tasting teas!

I don’t like to have to wait to boil the tea!


This has become my go to for my afternoon chai break. I use equal parts water and oat milk and add a couple of cardamom pods and a 1/2 teaspoon of agave.

Masala Chai
Samuel Schlitzkus

Their selection is really diverse and unique, and their prices are fantastic. Also the ability to get samples is amazing. 10/10

Immune booster

A nice light tea for relaxation, calm, and feeling good! 😊