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Naga Khalap Tea (Smoked Aged Bamboo Wild Tea 2016)
Naga Khalap Tea (Smoked Aged Bamboo Wild Tea 2016)
Naga Khalap Tea (Smoked Aged Bamboo Wild Tea 2016)
Naga Khalap Tea (Smoked Aged Bamboo Wild Tea 2016)
Naga Khalap Tea (Smoked Aged Bamboo Wild Tea 2016)
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Naga Khalap Tea (Smoked Aged Bamboo Wild Tea 2016)

Savor Naga Khalap Tea – an indigenous smoked bamboo wild tea by the Naga tribe. Enjoy the rich flavor of traditions being carried on from days of the yore.
1 inch tea filled bamboo piece , approximately 1 oz (30 g)
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Season - Seasonal plucking


Seasonal plucking

Altitude - 2000-4000 ft


2000-4000 ft

Cultivar - Wild assamica trees


Wild assamica trees

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Tea Type

Aged smoked green tea

The Enchanting Tale of Naga Khalap Tea: A Journey of Timeless Tradition

The Naga tribes inhabit the wild forests of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. Ancient wild tea trees of the assamica variety grow naturally in these forests. The Naga folk carefully climb these tea trees to pluck the choicest leaves. These leaves are then pan-fried and pounded into the hollow of a particular type of bamboo. The bamboo is sealed and placed in a makeshift swing over the fireplace. The smoke from the hearth will then naturally smoke the tea in the bamboo. Smoke and age lead to some oxidation of the tea; the older the bamboo tea, the more coveted it is.

This smoked, aged tea-filled bamboo is fondly called Khalap or Phalap by the locals, which in their native language means “what is this leaf”. The hearth of a Naga household is always burning, and you will usually find a boiling tea kettle over it.

This ancient practice of making khalap tea is a dying art. We are direct sourcing to avoid imitations, hopefully paying over fair trade prices will keep these khalap teas and the beautiful stories alive. This heritage Naga khalap tea is unique, difficult to find, and a limited edition.

Traditionally this tea is boiled by the Naga tribes in a kettle over a fire, but we prefer steeping it via gongfu style. On steeping, the tea is amber like honey with a mineral texture, good mouthfeel, and medium astringency. The aromas and flavors of a roaring campfire greet you with the first few sips. Intermingled with the smoky notes are earthy notes of manure, hay, camphor, and some hidden fruity sweetness.


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Caffeine Level

Caffeine Level Caffeine Level Caffeine Level Caffeine Level


How To Make Bamboo Tea?

Steeping Instructions

Gongfu Style


We recommend 4 gm of tea


100 ml water at a temperature of 195°F - 210°F (90°C - 99°C) at 85°C - 90°C (or 185°F - 195°F).

Steeping Time
Steeping Time
  • Steep the tea for 3-6 seconds and adjust the subsequent steeping times based on your preference.


Where your tea comes from

The Naga tribes live in the remote areas of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh in the land neighboring the Mayanmar border. They were the last headhunters of India before it was banned in the 1980s. Today the Naga tribes practice shifting cultivation, fishing, hunting and foraging non timber forest products.The largest and most well known tribe is the Konyak tribe of Longwa where the chieftain, who is also known as Angh, has a house that sits right in the middle of the India-Mayanmar border.

Benefits of Having Naga Khalap Tea?

Like many teas, smoked bamboo tea may contain antioxidants and potential health-supportive properties, offering a satisfying and beneficial beverage choice.

Customer Reviews

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Colleen Iral

Naga Khalap Tea (Smoked Aged Bamboo Wild Tea 2016)

Divya Bairavarasu
Excellent quality and flovor

Love the variety and good quality

Joshua Burnett
Delicious, smoky, unique

I was interested in Naga Khalap tea because it seemed unique in so many ways, so I had to see what it was like. Brewed gongfu style, with several steeps (maybe 6?), and each cup was delicious. The strong smokiness is the dominant flavor (my wife, trying a sip, said it was like drinking a campfire – which is kind of accurate, but not in a bad way!), but it’s quite distinct from other smoked teas I’ve had, like lapsong souchong. The amount per order is relatively small, especially if you brew gongfu style as recommended, but I like it enough that I’m pretty sure I’ll be ordering more once I run out.

Tea-riffic Q&A Sips

Yes, it can be steeped multiple times. We recommend using gongfu style of steeping tea.

It has mild caffeine levels. It is technically a smoked, aged green tea.

Traditionally it is as is and we enjoy it without milk and sugar. Having said that everyone's tea journey is so personal, you should prepare the tea the way you would enjoy most.

If you keep it in an airtight container it should stay fresh for years, just like a pu-Erh.