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Chai Mug Gift Set

Chai Mug Gift Set

Chai Gift Set + Strainer + Chai Mug

Chai Gift Set

Masala Chai - A zesty and aromatic blend of Assam black tea and spices

Vanilla Lavender Chai - Our vanilla lavender chai is extremely luxurious and sublime. Have it hot or cold, it is so delicious!

Rose Cardamom Chai - Fragrant with aromas of rose and cardamom, our Rose Cardamom Chai is beautiful and delicious.

Handcrafted Brass Strainer

Gorgeous handcrafted brass strainer is perfect for chai and a great initial tool for steeping loose leaf teas.

Chai Mug

This is our favorite mug for chai
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A luxurious gift for someone who is all about chai. A trio of our three Herbs & Kettles best seller chais with a beautiful handcrafted brass strainer and chai mug.

OG Masala Chai, a bold blend of black tea and spices that is as flavorful as you imagine India to be in your mind.

Fragrant Rose Cardamom Chai in which delicate rose, aromatic cardamom and strong tea make the perfect combination.

Luxurious Vanilla Lavender Chai, where velvety vanilla and delicate lavender go head to head with black tea to create a unique flavor profile.

The exceptionally crafted brass strainer is beautiful and every chai lovers dream.

The gorgeous handmade ceramic mug 16 fl-oz (480 ml), created by Adil Writer and his folks at Mandala Pottery is our favorite for our morning cup of chai, or actually chai at any time of the day as we all know its chai all day long!

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So amazing!

Quality chai and a quality mug. I'm so obsessed with the flavor and I will be back for more!!!