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Pu-erh Teas

Pu-erh Teas

Pu erh Tea (pronounced Pu-AR) is traditional in China, but we have Naga khalap (also known as phalap) tea and a beautiful pu erh style sheng from a small co-op in Manipur.

The khalap and the sheng are made using wild tea tree leaves and are incredibly bold, complex, earthy, and phenomenal. Our Khalap/phalap is made by the Naga tribe in Arunachal Pradesh that migrated from Myanmar, and they continue to make tea as their ancestors did in the days of yore. The Manipur pu erh style sheng was the first experimental sheng tea made in India, and the reviews have been superb. We are very proud to have sourced these organic wild pu erh style teas, which are unique and hard to procure. So, try our khalap/phalap tea and our Manipur sheng and let it transform you into the jungles of the North East, full of history with so much to enjoy and unravel.

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